PACT Yesterday and Today

Kathryn Campion and William SimonsonPACT was co-founded in 2008 by Encinitas couple Kathryn Campion and William Simonson. At that time it opened its doors as a community theatre serving the general public. PACT’s history, mission and vision have evolved over the years and today it plays a vital role in “empowering individuals with unique needs and creating community.” Kathryn serves as PACT’s Executive Director, while William is Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

In Kathryn and William’s Words
Some of our first participants were children with autism.  Because of the obvious value these children were receiving from performing arts training in an inclusive setting, and because of their parents’ delight to have found something that was making a real difference in their children’s lives, we decided to change the focus of our organization to serving those with autism and other unique needs.

We have worked since that time to empower these children, teens and adults to come out of the isolation a disability often creates and into a creative community where they can interact with their peers, develop their talents, and share their gifts.  We continue to be inspired by their creative genius and by their potential to make all our lives better through their contributions.  We also continue to be humbled by the love their families have for them and by their dedication to bringing out the best in these children and young adults. Read more

Through our evolution as an organization we have gathered experts to teach our theatre and performing arts workshops and to help us to continually improve what we do.  We also maintain a high quality board of directors and advisory board.

We have found our programs especially powerful as a vehicle for growth for teens with HFA/Aspergers, where the life skills learned in the workshops are a “match made in heaven” for their challenges.

Professional Affiliation
PACT is proud to be an alumni affiliate of KIT (Kids Included Together)’s National Training on Inclusion.  We have received the benefit of four years of their excellent trainings and conferences on best practices for providing inclusive programs and for serving those with disabilities.

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