PACT’s Board of Directors and Advisors

Our Board of Directors


Kathryn Campion
Co-founder and Executive Director
Kathryn Campion co-founded PACT in 2008, serves as its executive director, and initiates and directs PACT programs.  She has over 15 years of experience in non-profit management.  Prior to PACT, Kathryn served as regional director for the Joy of Sports Foundation, director of community outreach at the Arthritis Foundation, and director of operations at Combined Health Agencies.  While at Joy of Sports, she worked with Dr. Myra White of Harvard University to develop and conduct program evaluations that measured life skills improvement for over 1,000 local children a year. 

Kathryn has been involved in the performing arts all her life.  She began performing classical piano at the age of 7, and was the lead in her high school play.  Kathryn completed 3 years of college-level course study in psychology, sociology, and video production.  While in college she toured with the Hamline University acapella choir.

As a young adult Kathryn began writing original music, which she performed and recorded in 3 albums.  She went on to produce a series of large scale concerts for the homeless and for Veterans, and was for a time a member of an improvisational theatre group.

Kathryn and her husband co-founded PACT as a community theatre serving the general public with workshops that taught life skills.  Soon after PACT opened its doors, families in the autism community began coming to the workshops, and Kathryn realized the power of the performing arts in improving the lives of those isolated by autism. 

Empowering individuals with unique needs and creating community through the performing arts became her passion and PACT’s mission, as it remains today.

William SimonsonWilliam-Simonson_300x360
Co-founder and Board Chairman
William Simonson has been involved in well over 100 theatre and television productions as lead actor, director, stage manager and in all aspects of theatre. He holds a B.S. in Language Arts/Theatre Arts and once directed a deaf community in the production of a play which he wrote.

William believes that the only way to find true joy is through service, and so he is giving back to the community by sharing his theatre experience with others.  PACT benefits greatly from the wisdom of his decades of experience in theatre and his sharing of his personal experience of living with disabilities.

Paul-GoulPaul Goul
Board Treasurer
Paul Goul is a member of PACT’s Board of Directors. He has had a varied career as a Quality Assurance professional in the manufacturing arena. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

He is an ASQ (American Society for Quality) Certified Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, and Quality Auditor. He has worked for several companies including Xerox, Sony, Eastman Kodak, Cipher Data Products, Intelligent Medical Systems, Watkins Manufacturing, Dimension One Spas, DDH, and Advanced Brain Monitoring. He is currently employed at Nordson Asymtek in Carlsbad, California. Paul’s current position focuses on the Supply Chain, and involves working with suppliers to improve the quality of the parts they provide for Nordson products.

Paul is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and currently resides in San Marcos. He is married to Paula Pospychala. He enjoys reading and traveling, and has a strong desire to visit the Civil War battlefields


Maggie Murphy Maertz
Board Secretary
Maggie Murphy Maertz is a member of PACT’s Board of Directors.  Maggie serves as Senior Vice President and OED Manager at Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC). She leads a team focused on developing the next generation of One Wells Fargo leaders. Maggie assumed this role in 2011 and has been with Wells Fargo for nine years.

Maggie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with honors and a Master of Arts in Human Resources Development from Saint Thomas University, St. Paul, MN. 


Elaine Primiano 
Elaine Primiano is a member of the PACT Board of Directors.  She and her family are raising a teenage grandson with Asperger’s and navigating the world of IEPs and special needs to help him reach his full potential. 

Elaine has been a teacher, journalist and marketing communications professional.  Companies she has worked for include Fujitsu in San Diego, Ernst & Young, and Edgell Communications (previously Harcourt Brace Jovanovich) in Cleveland. 

She has an M.A. in Journalism from Kent State University; B.A. in English with teaching certification from Cleveland State University; and program certificates in print, multimedia and web design from San Diego Continuing Education. She currently provides Web and Marketing Communications services on a consulting basis.

Board member Chris WebsterChris Webster
Chris Webster is a member of PACT’s Board of Directors and a program volunteer. His interests include reading, chess, tennis and body surfing. His goal is to one day be a veterinarian’s assistant because of his love of animals.

Chris is also a young adult with Asperger’s. In his words: “I know there are strengths that I have because of Asperger’s, but I am more aware of the challenges, mostly related to social interaction. I am looking forward to being a member of PACT’s Board of Directors.”

Our Board of Advisors

Glenn-and-David-FriederGlenn Frieder, D.C.
Glenn Frieder is a member of PACT’s Advisory Board. Glenn is a highly skilled and respected chiropractor in the San Diego North County area.  His son, now a young adult, has Asperger’s.  Glenn uses the tools of his trade, nutrition and holistic healing, to help his son be all he can be, and understands that the first and most important step is to respect and appreciate him as a unique individual with gifts to share. 

May MarrMay Marr
May Marr is a member of PACT’s Advisory Board.  She has a young adult son with autism who brings her joy and strength every day.  Her son Ethan is the inspiration for her family. 

May is a co-executive director of a non-profit organization called Academy of Music and Arts for Special Education (AMASE) where they teach students with special needs music and art skills.  She had also been very involved in the special needs community in the Bay Area before she moved to San Diego.

May has an M.A. in Special Education and had been a special education teacher for many years.  Currently she is taking time off from teaching to help her son transition from high school to the post-secondary program. 

Andrew-OserbcAndrew Oser
Andrew Oser is a member of PACT’s Advisory Board.  He is also a consultant to non-profit organizations, lending his wisdom gained in 23 years in the non-profit arena.  A tennis and life coach since 1970, Andrew Oser has helped more than 50,000 children and adults to express their highest potential.  As  founder of the Joy of Sports Foundation, he developed and ran programs for at-risk children across the United States. Currently, Andrew offers coaching, consulting, and retreats through Summit Coaching Services.