Beyond Bullying Theatre Events!

PACT’s new Traveling Theatre Troupe, made up of four teens and young adults with autism and two typically developing teens, has been meeting under the mentorship of PACT’s Artistic Director since January, 2016 to develop a Beyond Bullying Theatre Event that they will soon bring to local schools and community centers. Through improvisational theatre, sketches, and audience participation they will teach young teens to go ‘beyond bullying’, and to respect their peers.  

The Troupe will begin performing in the Spring of this year.  We have hired Troupe members as employees of PACT, and our goal is to provide them with long-term, meaningful employment.

If you would like to invite this talented troupe to present their Beyond Bullying Theatre Event at your school or community center, please email PACT at 

This activity is supported in part by the California Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.