Beyond Bullying Theatre Events!

PACT’s Traveling Theatre Troupe is now presenting their Beyond Bullying Theatre Event to young teens at local schools and community centers, under the leadership of PACT Artistic Director Sandy Redmon.

The event consists of sketches, video clips, and improvisational activities that invite audience participation. The troupe’s goal is to raise awareness and inspire young teens to go “beyond bullying” and respect their peers. Audience members are also encouraged to make a positive difference in bullying taking place in their environments.

Here’s what teens who have seen Beyond Bullying are saying:

“I saw how bullying really affects people and I know I don’t want to ever affect anyone like that.”

“It opened my eyes to how many bullying events I have let slide by me, and now I’m more aware.”

“It inspired me to be kind!”

Read what the San Diego Union Tribune and the Del Mar Times/Encinitas Advocate say about the Troupe!

Help Stop Bullying in its Tracks

To learn how a Beyond Bullying Theatre Event works and how it can begin to help your school, organization, or group of young teens prevent bullying, watch the video below.

Schedule An Event! 
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Become a hero and help stop bullying by sponsoring one or more Beyond Bullying Theatre Events. PACT offers three levels of sponsorship from champion to superhero. Learn more below.