PACT’s Artistic and Workshop Directors

Meet our Artistic and Workshop Director, as well as our Assistant and Substitute Workshop Directors. 


Sandy Fincher Redmon
Artistic Director and Sr. Workshop Director

Sandy Fincher Redmon serves as Artistic Director and Senior Workshop Director for PACT theatre and performing arts workshops, and develops curricula for the programs. She is also Mentor of the new Anti-Bullying Theatre Troupe, which consists of young adults and teens creating improvisational theatre workshops to entertain and educate middle schoolers in order to diminish bullying in schools.

Sandy became involved in the performing arts as a child, and it has been a driving force throughout her life. She received a Bachelor of Arts from North Texas State University with an emphasis in Communications, Theater and Dance. She volunteered to teach dance to children at a local YMCA and was hooked. She knew teaching and the arts would always be a part of her life.

Her professional career in Human Resources became focused on interpersonal relations, employee counseling and problem solving. To delve further into human services, she attended Saint Edwards University in Austin, Texas, and earned a Master of Arts in Social and Psychological Services. Sandy began working as a corporate trainer, teaching and administering the Personal and Professional Development curriculum at Advanced Micro Devices in Austin, Texas.

The surf, sunsets and her husband’s employment enticed Sandy to the West Coast and she happily obliged. She dedicated the next phase of her life to being at home with her growing family. She was extremely grateful that she was able to devote so much time to raising her kids, especially since her son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and her daughter with ADHD.

She discovered that there was a lot she needed to learn. She set about a self-study program to learn as much as possible about Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD/ADD, theories, treatments and coping strategies.

By this time, Sandy had become completely immersed in the practice of yoga. She began integrating yoga into the strategies for redirecting her son’s anxious behavior. She realized that all of the components: breathing, meditation, balance, flexibility, strength, posture and focus, were so beneficial to individuals on the autism spectrum. She saw this as an important mission, and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training series conducted by Nature’s Whisper. By incorporating yoga and meditation into her theatre classes, participants are more relaxed, which allows the mind and body to respond more creatively and take on new challenges.

In 2007, Sandy became affiliated with Girl Scouts of America as a troop leader and troop organizer at her daughter’s elementary school. This values-based organization was a perfect setting for teaching essential life skills and inclusion through her theatre workshops. The activities instill confidence, encourage cooperation, practice relaxation, develop concentration skills and invigorate the imagination of participants. 

Sandy feels that experiencing theatre is an important lesson for all people, but is especially key to people on the autism spectrum. Understanding social dynamics and body language are not innate skills for these individuals. Theatre is the study of the interactions between people, the expressing of human emotion, and the effective use of language. Not only does theatre teach students how to respond to others, but it teaches how to effectively express what is inside each of us.

Jake, Assistant Workshop Director

Jake Redmon
Assistant Workshop Director

Jake Redmon has attended PACT’s theatre workshops since 2009 with his mother, Sandy Redmon, who is PACT’s Senior Workshop Director, Artistic Director and Trainer/Mentor for our theatre workshops.

Jake, who has Asperger’s, says in his own words:  “I used to be socially awkward, and I want to help others who have similar challenges.” Jake is a sophomore at Palomar College in San Marcos, currently studying political science, calculus, art history and psychology. His interests include animation, game design and vocal performance.

v2sheaheadshot_optimizedShea Fairbanks Galaudet
Assistant Workshop Director

Shea Fairbanks Galaudet is a San Dieguito Academy senior who is passionate about theatre and sharing it with as many people as she can. She believes everyone deserves to make great art, express themselves, and tell their unique stories. She also believes there is no better way to do that than through the art of theatre. She plans to pursue musical theatre in college and beyond and has been in a variety of San Dieguito Academy productions. These include Mary Poppins (Michael Banks), Hamlet (Rosencrantz), and Thoroughly Modern Millie (Mrs. Meers), for which she was one of only ten Ben Vereen Awards Nominations for Best Actress in a Musical.

In Shea’s own words: “I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful program as Positive Action Community Theatre, which brings the performing arts to people with autism and other special needs. I hope that everyone has a chance to be exposed to theatre, because in my opinion, it truly is one of the greatest things in the world.” 


Danielle Bustamante
Substitute Workshop Director

Danielle Bustamante previously led PACT children’s theatre workshops and is now a substitute teacher for our Saturday Workshops. She is a credentialed special education teacher currently serving in a managerial role at Footprints Behavioral Intervention.

In her words: “Performing at an early age, I grew up with an instinctive passion for the arts. I began dancing ballet at the age of 5 and continued on through the age of 14.  Upon entering high school, I enrolled in theatre arts and instantly fell in love.  The overwhelming joy and excitement I felt in bringing life to different characters and stories led me into the world of theatre.  After three years as an active member in my high school drama class and club, I went on to pursue a teaching credential at San Diego State University. During this program, I placed an emphasis on theatre arts, learning how to incorporate theatre into the classroom. 

“After discovering yet another passion, I obtained a teaching credential in special education. Currently, I have a position teaching at a nonpublic school specifically for students with disabilities. Here I work with a variety of students with differing disabilities, ages 5 – 12, on both academic and behavioral goals.  I have had wonderful opportunities to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of the arts in classroom settings, such as re-enacting different stories of the Gold Rush and bringing to life our versions of Cinderella and Goldilocks. 

“I am extremely delighted to be continuing with the PACT family and look forward to creating many more lasting memories!”

Gladys Gutierrez

Gladys Gutierrez
Substitute Workshop Director

Gladys Gutierrez also previously led PACT children’s workshops and is now a substitute teacher for our Saturday Workshops. She is an Education Specialist currently teaching in a local North County school serving students with disabilities. Originally from Chicago IL, Gladys is a seasoned educator offering 13 years of experience working with diverse learners in elementary, secondary and university environments. 

Gladys is passionate, energetic and dedicated to helping individuals reach their fullest potential through multi-sensory strategies, yoga and the arts. 

In her words: “Theater activities are a great way for children to be active and healthy. It can help boost self-esteem, improve public speaking, and provide a place to practice creativity. Parents often hear about the wonderful benefits of organized sports, but the creative arts can be another terrific medium for keeping their children engaged in physical and positive activities. For some children, team sports, dance or gymnastics are simply not a good fit. A great option for them may be theater as they grow to gain personal confidence in smaller steps. Through theater, kids will be encouraged to explore their inner talents in a positive and safe environment while learning to work with other children in a constructive and creative way.”